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On Again...Off Again

Music: Philip Vella
Lyrics: Gerard James Borg

Look at me – I need some attention
I’m a girl – of serious intention
Just like a butterfly
My wings can take me high
To touch your piece of sky
Though I can fly away
Play cool, or run away
I choose to hold your love
More than one night!

You’re everything and nothing in one
(What do you mean?)
Our love goes from the North to South
(I disagree)
I just can’t understand anymore
What we have in common


On again - Off again
Like the rhythm of rain
We need to decide
Find an end to this game
Such wonderful times
Many natural highs
Love is a flame that we can never tame
On again – Off again


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Why… oh why! Can’t I live without you?
How… oh how! Do I reach inside you?
My love is justified
I simply had enough
I want you by my side
Am I your fantasy?
Mystery? Or destiny?
Do you take me for a ride?
Please, tell me now!

You’re the air, you’re the love I breathe
(That sounds so good)
You’re the magic that flows from within
(I feel that too)
We come close then we move far away
Can’t we stay together?



There’s a river between us
And I need you to come across
Reach out for my heart
Keep this feeling so alive
Love grows – We survive



Off again – On again
Like a flickering flame
That dies in the wind
And lights up again
Such wonderful times
Many natural highs
Love is a flame we can never tame
On again – Off again !


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