Malta Song for Europe 2004

You can hear audio streams for each of the 16 finalists for the Malta Song for Europe 2004 Festival, in their original running order by clicking on "play" or you can hear all the songs in sequence by clicking on "play all".

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  • Julie and Ludwig capture Malta's national imagination
        MM News - Feb 17, 2004, 09:24 CET
  • Julie & Ludwig to represent Malta at 2004 Eurovision Song Contest
        MM News - Feb 15, 2004, 01:02 CET
  • Predictions for the Malta Song for Europe 2004
        MM News - Feb 13, 2004, 18:36 CET
  • play all Song Title Singer/s Music Lyrics
    play 1 Love moves the world Leontine Eugenio Schembri Doris Chetcuti
    play 2 24/7 Andreana Mark Spiteri Lucas Deo Grech
    play 3 Dying to be free Rita Pace Rita Pace Rita Pace
    play 4 Give me one more night Roger Tirazona Paul Abela Roger Tirazona
    play 5 One-Way Love Fiona Rene' Mamo Joe Julian Farrugia
    play 6 A simple wish Natasha & Charlene Charlene Grima Deo Grech
    play 7 On again Julie & Ludwig - FIRST PLACE  Philip Vella Gerard James Borg
    play 8 Through all my life Eleonor Cassar Paul Giordimaina Fleur Balzan
    play 9 Tango 4 two Keith Camilleri Philip Vella Gerard J. Borg
    play 10 Close to my heart Georgina Paul Abela Roger Tirazona
    play 11 Get free Prodigal Sons & Debbie Scerri Andrew Zammit Prodigal Sons/D. Scerri
    play 12 It's a wonderful life ali & lis Ralph Siegel John O'Flynn
    play 13 Take a look Olivia Lewis - 1st RUNNER-UP Paul Giordimaina Fleur Balzan
    play 14 Can't give my love Marvic Lewis Paul Abela Georgina Abela
    play 15 You're on my mind Lawrence Gray Philip Vella Joe Chircop
    play 16 Did I ever tell you Fabrizio Faniello Paul Abela Georgina Abela

    The final 16 songs were announced on Thursday 18th December 2003 at the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, St.Julians.

    The Malta Song for Europe 2004 festival took place at the Mederranean Conference Center in Valletta on the 13th and 14 of February.

    Julie & Ludwig won the contest with a total of 139 votes.
    Olivia Lewis placed second with 134 points, but received the highest number of votes from the international jury, 62.

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